Happy Nowruz

Every year at the moment of the Vernal equinox it is time for Nowruz, the Persian new year. One of my Persian students taught me that yesterday.

I celebrate all celebrations that are presented to me. Life is meant to be lived in happiness. So this year after celebrating the Gregorian calendar new year, the Chinese new year and while counting the days before Thai new year, I will celebrate Nowruz in the most untraditional way 🙂

Nowruz comes from the Persian word now which means new and the word ruz which means day light, so Nowruz is the beginning of a new day.

This evening after coming back home from work I have prepared an Iranian tea bought in the store of an Iranian merchant in the central souk of Dubai, blended with rose buds and lavender. Next year I will definitely prepare the 7s table according to the Persian tradition.

Happy Nowruz 😀


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