Edible art

Ko Kret is a small island in the Chao Phraya River in the province of Nonthaburi.


It is situated in the north of Bangkok and is easy to access by taxi.


The island is known for its pottery crafts.

There are also numerous temples.


In Ko Kret you can find very interesting local delicacies which are of ethereal beauty and are also delicious. One of them are the deep fried tempura style flowers.


In the local market you can find these beautiful soft candies made of crashed peanuts, sugar and coconut milk. They are not very sweet and they taste of some kind of aromatic coconut soft candy.

Another dessert that I thoroughly appreciated is the water cake. I have no idea which are the ingredients used for this sweet. It is a gelatinous cake with a texture close to the aloe vera jelly and its taste is very light and subtil. I also suspect that it is quite low in calories.


The next discovery were those carnation shaped rice balls filled with sesame seeds, sugar, coconut and peanuts.

And last but not least the discovery of this fruit which I found surprising and delicious.


An impressive storm has started in the early afternoon and interrupted any further plans of discovery.


I plan to visit Ko Kret again. If you also wish to visit Bangkok it may be interesting to take a day and discover this tiny island. I wish you enjoy it as much as I did.



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