Create an appetite

I love exercise. Because of the light feeling once the effort has finished. Because of the concentration. Because of the possibility to observe progress in small steps in everyday life. But most of all I love exercise because it creates an exquisite sentiment of hunger.

Hunger is a major motivator in life. It helps me feel alive. And I adore the satisfaction procured by a tasty meal.

These are some of the late breakfasts I have after an early morning yoga practice.

All protein breakfast in a bento with quinoa, eggs whites and tomates, lentil spread, cucumber sticks and sausages.


Bento with avocado, smoked salmon, nori and flying fish roe on top of sushi rice.


Omelette with chives and salad with smoked salmon and bread served with Greek coffee.


Boiled eggs with bread, turkey breast, beetroots, goat cheese and cucumber sticks.


I wish you enjoy breakfast as much as I do 🙂


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