Indian breakfast

India is a country in which I have found the best, the worst and everything in between. And it is a country that I love for many reasons, food being only one of them.

India is the only country I have visited that the beauty of the gardeners rivals the beauty of the gardens.


In India they are so many ways to communicate with divinities that every drop of water, every piece of land is somehow “holy”.


It is the land of majestic tigers.


Whenever I miss India I prepare a dish that brings me happiness because I have linked it to my dear friend Ashu, aloo paratha. Delightful wheat pancakes filled with crushed potatoes and spices.


In India they are served with pickles, my favourite are from Fabindia and often enjoyed with tea. Here aloo paratha are presented with black eyed beans salad, feta cheese and a generous amount of extra virgin Greek olive oil (I am addicted to Greek olive olive, no one is perfect)

You can find a beautiful recipe in order to prepare aloo paratha at the following  link

Enjoy 🙂






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