The create a dream and eat it project

This blog presents everyday pleasures through food and photography. The idea of this project appeared 5 years ago but it was not mature enough to appear in daylight. Today is a special day, a day that creations are revealed. So today is the day that this project starts ­čÖé Join me to this new adventure.

Special thanks to Lieven who has inspired the idea for this project, to Zofia for motivating me and kindly reminding me that I should create this blog, to Stephanie and Michael for being enthusiastic about the photos, to my mum who has always decorated everything elegantly, to Ifigeneia that has always been a fun of my work, to Orestis Nektarios and  Sebastien that accepted to eat all of the meals I have prepared for them, to Gregory for reminding me that all that we wish should be our life compass, to Claudia and Alessio for sharing the secret of access to free time, to Nadia whom I love dearly, to Gabriel for being born the right day, to all of my friends who have opened their kitchens, houses, hearts and recipe books and shared their creative happiness with me.

dsc_7092Love, Eillie


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